My Greenwich life is finally over ! / A day in the life of Naoki

Hi. This is Naoki from Greenwich. I’m going back to Japan day after tomorrow. I arrived in Australia in last 21st of April. I still remember my emotion that an airplane I was in landed in Sydeny. I felt very excited but, at the same time anxious about my new journey. Currently, I am in Melbourne.  I could spend 11 months in Australia that is unbelievable. Today is my last day in Greenwich, my intern. So, I want to look back my life in Greenwich from now on.


Before I came to Greenwich, I had never done an office work. I kept wondering what office work is like. Also, I want to work overseas in the future. I have 2 years left before i graduate from my university. Considering it, I thought it is the best time to discover what office work is like. So, I applied for this internship. It cost about $1.400 which is not cheap but, I thought  I have done the great shopping.



At the beginning of my intern, I was very slow and inaccurate. I myself wasn’t a good intern. I realized that office work is much more difficult than i thought. However, thanks to my nice colleagues, I could get used to doing a office work little by little. What I like the most is learning process. For example, first few weeks, I couldn’t finish making student Id cards on time. I thought the reason why i couldn’t finish my  task on time. Then, I repeated trial and error to find a more efficient or accurate way. A few weeks later, I could finish making it on time. I was happy because I could change my failure into success. Also, I got praised from my colleagues which is not flattery but real compliment. As there are more things I am able to do, I feel that I am growing up and I become closer to  a real member of my team. I was happy when I felt I contributed to my team.  But, from my point of view, I couldn’t become a real member of my team. I ended up with a just intern like an assistant. There are a lot of things that I can’t do more than i can do. I think it might be because I lack of skills such as, how to process excel, English skills, how to use a computer in general and so on. I knew everything needs a plenty of time to be a decent level but, I felt very inferior to my colleagues. That is why I think I couldn’t build up my confidence.


In order to compensate for my lacking confidence, I need to think about what i need to do. I am leaving Australia in a few days and go back to my university. I will find out the answer as soon as i can and carry out what i need to do.



In my future, i want to be like my colleagues. through this internship, i could see my goal. I will work maybe not in Greenwich but in one of companies in the world. I don’t think i will be able to show off myself that is grown up to my colleges in Greenwich. But, someday, if i am lucky, I have a chance to meet them.  If I could meet them, I want to make them astonished. They will see my growth. I need to start preparing for surprising my colleagues.


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