My Greenwich life is finally over ! / A day in the life of Naoki

    Hi. This is Naoki from Greenwich. I’m going back to Japan day after tomorrow. I arrived in Australia in last 21st of April. I still remember my emotion that an airplane I was in landed in Sydeny. I felt very excited but, at the same time anxious about my new journey. Currently, I am in Melbourne.  I could spend 11 months in Australia that is unbelievable. Today is my last day in Greenwich, my intern. So, I want to look back my life in Greenwich from now on.


    Before I came to Greenwich, I had never done an office work. I kept wondering what office work is like. Also, I want to work overseas in the future. I have 2 years left before i graduate from my university. Considering it, I thought it is the best time to discover what office work is like. So, I applied for this internship. It cost about $1.400 which is not cheap but, I thought  I have done the great shopping.



    At the beginning of my intern, I was very slow and inaccurate. I myself wasn’t a good intern. I realized that office work is much more difficult than i thought. However, thanks to my nice colleagues, I could get used to doing a office work little by little. What I like the most is learning process. For example, first few weeks, I couldn’t finish making student Id cards on time. I thought the reason why i couldn’t finish my  task on time. Then, I repeated trial and error to find a more efficient or accurate way. A few weeks later, I could finish making it on time. I was happy because I could change my failure into success. Also, I got praised from my colleagues which is not flattery but real compliment. As there are more things I am able to do, I feel that I am growing up and I become closer to  a real member of my team. I was happy when I felt I contributed to my team.  But, from my point of view, I couldn’t become a real member of my team. I ended up with a just intern like an assistant. There are a lot of things that I can’t do more than i can do. I think it might be because I lack of skills such as, how to process excel, English skills, how to use a computer in general and so on. I knew everything needs a plenty of time to be a decent level but, I felt very inferior to my colleagues. That is why I think I couldn’t build up my confidence.


    In order to compensate for my lacking confidence, I need to think about what i need to do. I am leaving Australia in a few days and go back to my university. I will find out the answer as soon as i can and carry out what i need to do.



    In my future, i want to be like my colleagues. through this internship, i could see my goal. I will work maybe not in Greenwich but in one of companies in the world. I don’t think i will be able to show off myself that is grown up to my colleges in Greenwich. But, someday, if i am lucky, I have a chance to meet them.  If I could meet them, I want to make them astonished. They will see my growth. I need to start preparing for surprising my colleagues.


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    Agent Breakfast / A day in the life of Naoki

    Hello. This is Naoki from Greenwich. I have been in Melbourne for a half year. Finally, the day I’m going home is coming soon. Now, I feel excited about it because I can meet my friends and I can eat meal that my mother makes. Also, I don’t have to pay for my rent. I don’t have to spend a lot of money on food. But, I think after I go back and I come to adjust a life in Japan, I will absolutely miss Australia, especially Melbourne. I have 2 years left before I graduate from my university. So, I want to start studying English and I want to come back to Australia with Advanced level of English after I graduate.




    About a week ago, I attended a bit big event which is called Agent Breakfast. A lot of people from a lot of agencies came to our workplace from early in the morning. They had a breakfast that we had prepared as they greet each other and had a chat. But,  a purpose of coming to a Greenwich isn’t having a breakfast. They came here for watching a presentation. After they had a chat for the time being , we started a presentation. What I needed to do was to take photos so that I didn’t really focus on the content of presentation. But, as far as I saw, it was totally different from what I had seen in my university. There is a big difference ! My colleague talked about New course calmly and confidently right in front of large audience. I know how busy my colleagues are. Yet, they organised this event, prepared nice Power Point and gave a presentation. I wondered when they had a time to prepare for it ? This is great




    What I was most impressed is Non-Native English speaker gave a presentation in English. She stood before those present and gave a presentation beautifully and confidently. For her, it might be easy task. But, as for me, I always feel nervous when i give a presentation in my university even in my mother tongue. What if I need to give a presentation to foreigner in English. That would be  very hard with my current English level.


    Through this agent breakfast, I could measure the distance between what i am today and what i want to be in the near future. I thought it is bit hard to work like my  colleagues but, at the same time, I thought  it is possible to work like them if I make an effort. I don’t want to forget this feeling.



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    A favorite restaurant in Melbourne CBD -A day in the life of Naoki

    Hi. This is Naoki from Greenwich. It has been one month since I started  working in Language School In Melbourne. I have worked in the restaurant or cafe and so on, but I’ve never worked in Office. So, this is my first time to do office work . I have difficulty in using Excel, Word or G-mail. Even If I receive a task, I don’t know how to deal with it. However, member of my team teach me how to process Excel or task of mine. I struggle with working in Office but, I enjoy learning  process. Everything feels new to me. I want to make a most of this opportunity and I want to learn as much as I can.

    こんにちは。直樹です。メルボルンの語学学校で働き始めて焼く一か月がたちました。レストランとかカフェで働いたことはありましたが、オフィスワークはしたことがなっかったのでとても難しく感じます。特にExcelとかWord とかG-mailです。大学とかで使ってはいましたいが、やはり本格的に使うとなると難しいです。でも、みんなが助けてくれるので楽しくやっています。せっかくいっぱいお金を払ってここに来たのでこの機会を最大限に生かしたいと思います。

    To change the subject, one of my favourite things to do in Melbourne  is eating. I have been to some restaurants in Melbourne ,especially CBD. So, I want to write about my favourite restaurants In Melbourne CBD.

    話は変わりますが、自分のメルボルンで好きなとこに食事があります。特に、CBD に住んでいるため、CBDで食事をすることが多いです。そこで、今回は私の好きなレストランについて書きたいと思います。

    Universal Restaurant

    ユニバーサル レストランです。

    IMG_4796 (1)

    Universal Restaurant is located in Lygon Street which is clean and tidy. And, lots of famous cafe are there. Only one stop away from Free tram zone.Universal restaurant opens every Sunday to Thursday from 11;00 AM to 11:00 PM Friday and Saturday from 11: 00 AM  to 11:30 PM. Whenever I go especially launch time and dinner time, there is always long line in front of restaurant, but you don’t need to overwhelm because somehow this line proceeds very fast and your turn comes soon.


    This is typical Italian restaurant. An atmosphere of this restaurant is nice and fancy but, price of dishes are very affordable. There are many dishes such as, pizza , pasta, salada, no to mention drinks. However, majority of customer order Universal Chicken Parmigiana and Universal Chicken Schnitzel These two dishes are absolutely the most popular. These are only $14 but, you will definitely get full and can go home with satisfaction because Chicken is bigger than my face. A lot of friends of mine can’t eat all, but it’s okay. Take away container is also available. If you have a friend or girl friend, I highly recommend you should bring them to Universal restaurant.

    ここは普通のイタリアンレストランです。店の雰囲気はとてもよくて高級ですが、値段はとても安いです。ピザやパスタ、サラダなどいろいろありますが、Universal Chicken Parmigiana とUniversal Chicken Schnitzelがとても人気です。たった14ドルなのに自分の顔より大きいです。友達の多くは全部食べることができません。しかし、お持ち帰り箱を使ってください。友達と一緒に行ったら楽しいです。

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