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What is the JAWHM ?

The Japan Association for working holiday makers provides help and advice to people visiting Japan on Working Holiday Visas and to Japanese youths planning to travel abroad. We also provide working holiday makers with a job referral service. Another important aspect of our work is to promote awareness of the Working Holiday Scheme in Japan.
Our offices are friendly, relaxed places where working holiday makers are welcome to pop in to receive useful advice, information, and encouragement.
The purpose of the Working Holiday Scheme is to promote understanding between participating countries, and it is our hope that by staying in Japan on a Working Holiday Visa you will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Japanese culture, and that you in turn, will act as an unofficial cultural ambassador and help the people, you interact with, to gain a better understanding of your culture too.

What services do we provide ?


1. For non-Japanese working holiday makers

(Only for working holiday makers from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Korea, France, Germany,the U.K, Ireland, Denmark, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia and Austria)

Information Provided・ Information on Japanese society, lifestyle, the employment
  situation, laws and regulations concerning labour and tax.
・ Advice on finding accommodation or home stays.
Job Referral Services・ We can provide advice about job conditions and how to look for

For job referral service information for employers in Japan click HERE

2. Services for Japanese working holiday makers

Information Service・ Guidance on preparing for working holidays.
・ Advice on travelling abroad on a Working Holiday Visa, the employment
 situation, accommodation, life-style, and language schools in working holiday
・ Introduction to organizations and agencies located in working holiday countries.
・ We also provide services to help people returning from working holidays to
 make use of their abroad experiences and find work after arriving back in
・ Events, orientation meetings, monthly parties, and language courses.

3. Other activities & responsibilities

・ Surveys and reports regarding conditions facing working holiday makers in Japan and other working
 holiday countries.
・ Expansion of new employment opportunities for working holiday makers.

What services do we provide ?

・ What does the Japan Association for working holiday makers (JAWHM) do?

Our main job is to provide help to working holiday makers and promote the Working Holiday Scheme. We help people visiting Japan on Working Holiday Visas, and we also provide a variety of services to Japanese people who are planning to go on working holidays and to people who have returned to Japan from working holidays.

・ What services does your association provide for non-Japanese working holiday makers?

We have a free job referral service. We will provide you information and advice about everyday life in Japan, and how to make the most of your stay. We also endeavor to answer any questions you might have during your stay in Japan.

・ Can you help me find accommodation?

We can provide you with information on what kinds of accommodation are available, e.g. local “guest house” accommodation etc., but we do not actually arrange accommodation for you. See the Life in Japan FAQ for more information about accommodation.

・ What kind of job referral service do you have?

People looking to employ working holiday makers post job on JobBoard. You can find jobs on this page.

・ Where are your offices located?

Our head office is in Tokyo.
We also have offices in Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Okinawa.