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Information on the Application Procedure for Supporting Members

The Japan Association for Working Holiday Makers is a Health, Labor, and Welfare Ministry approved public corporation financed by major Japanese corporations, companies that provide services to Japanese working holiday makers, and companies working in fields related to the Working Holiday Scheme. We are currently looking for companies who sympathize with our association's work in supporting working holiday makers, and who would like to become supporters of our association.

1. The Benefits of Membership.
  • The membership will be seen as a CSR of your company.
  • Supporting the development of the working youths with a strong international sensation.
  • Approching to the working youth with a strong international sensation.
  • Employment of the working youth with a strong international sensation.
  • The membership is usable as a simple working visa for foreigners.
  • Supporting students to gain more abroad experiences.
  • Employment of foreigners with a working holiday visa.
  • Approching to foreign working holiday makers from abroad.
  • International exchange with foreign working holiday makers.
2. Membership Fee

To become a supporting member send us a message and you will receive all necessary documents inclusive the fee to apply.

3. Term of Membership

From April 1st to March 31st the following year.
(Renewal each year is automatic unless we receive a request for discontinuation of your membership)
Application is possible the whole year

4. Membership Procedure

On demand, we send the application form for supporting member. Send the application form fully filled with your company profile back to us. After we have recieved those documents we will send you an invoice. After confirming payment to the designated bank account of our Association, we will take care of the procedure.

5. Inquiries

Japan Association for Working Holiday Makers
Tokyo Head Office
Mr. Shu Ikeguchi
TEL:03-6304-5858 FAX:03-6745-1562